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Marek Rocki (born May 14, 1953 in Warsaw)

Son of soldier of Armia Krajowa (Home Army), who
fought in the Warsaw Rising during the Second World War.
Warsaw is his hometown where he spent all his professional, social and private life.
  • Secondary school certificate in 1972 (I Liceum Ogolnoksztalcace im. B. Limanowskiego),
  • Student of Main School of Planning and Statistics (now Warsaw School of Economics, abbr. WSE) - master degree in 1977,
  • Doctor of Economics at WSE (PhD, specialization Econometry) 1981,
  • Habilitated Doctor of Economics at WSE 1988.

  • For numerous years CWKS Legia Warszawa and AZS SGPiS swimmer and waterball player. Until today swimming is his hobby and the way to promote sport activity among young academics.

  • Academic staff member of Warsaw School of Economics since 1981,
  • Vice Rector 1990 - 1996,
  • Dean of Diploma Studium 1996 - 1999,
  • Dean of the Collegium of Economic Analysis (elected for the 2005 - 2008 term)
  • Rector of Warsaw School of Economics 1999 - 2005, elected for two following terms.
Co-author of present teaching system in WSE: every student chooses individual course of study since the first year. In 80's and 90's also working in the Warsaw University branch in Bialystok and Collegium Civitas in Warsaw (teaching econometry).
  • Experienced person: worked at the Planning Committee within the polish goverment, and later on at the Central Planning Office (1989 - 1996). Specialist in macroeconomic analysis of structural changes and unemployment research,
  • former president (2005 - 2006) and member of the Civil Service Counsil,
  • Social activities: President of Main Board of Academic Sport Association of Poland (AZS),
  • member of the presidium of Polish Olimpic Committee (PKOl),
  • former president of Conference of Rectors of Economic Schools in Poland (KRUE),
  • member of Leslaw A. Paga Scholarship Chapter,
  • member of "Dobra firma" Award Chapter with the polish daily "Rzeczpospolita",
  • member of "Orly Rzeczpospolitej" Award Chapter with the polish daily "Rzeczpospolita" ,
  • author of secondary schools and universities rankings published by "Rzeczpospolita"
    and "Perspektywy" monthly,
  • member of international group of universities rankings authors within UNESCO.
Hobby: history of the Warsaw Rising, militaries, architecture of the city of Warsaw before Second World War.

Senator Marek Rocki Office, Pl. Jana Henryka Dabrowskiego 5, 00-057 Warsaw, Poland, tel. (22) 892 06 95, fax (22) 892 06 95